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What is happening at the Oklahoma County Jail?



What is going on at the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office?

Oklahoma County Sheriff PD Taylor

Amid enduring accountability and transparency concerns at the OCSO, Oklahoma County Sheriff P.D. Taylor denied District Judge Cindy Truong access to the Oklahoma County Jail Saturday morning. Judge Truong was escorted by several uniformed Police officers, District 3 County Commissioner Kevin Calvey and a few aides with the intentions of performing a “head count” during the jails scheduled meal deliveries. Sheriff Taylor’s staff was briefed by the County Commissioner’s aides via e-mail, but Sheriff Taylor later told The Oklahoman, he “was not aware” of Judge Truong’s intentions to count his prisoners.

Citing concerns for Judge Truong’s safety, and apparently that of the 5+ sizable, uniformed officers that were with her, Sheriff Taylor eventually made it clear that only Commisioner Calvey and a single aide would be allowed to continue counting prisoners. Oklahoma County jail is notorious for being over populated, poorly managed and long delays when releasing inmates. Commissioner Calvey told The Oklahoman on Monday he was concerned about discrepancies in previous inmate reports from the jail and complaints from constituents:

“I heard about them on the campaign trail” said Calvey, “I understand that there are some situations where people have gotten lost in the system and spent way longer in jail than they really ought to have.” Adding also “…aside from the humanitarian aspect of it, that’s just a lawsuit waiting to happen on the county. So, just to protect the taxpayer, we need to make sure that things are being done correctly; and evidently they are not.”

Ok County Security Cam – Judge Truong and Commissioner Calvey Escorted by Armed Police Officers
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Both Judge Truong and Commissioner Calvey are concerned that Sheriff Taylor may have something to hide.

“I don’t know what he’s hiding… He appears not to want any oversight.” – District 3 County Commissioner Kevin Calvey.

“There was a reason why we were there. We were concerned because there are people in there that aren’t supposed to be in there… We wanted to make sure that everybody was accounted for.” – District Judge Cindy Truong.

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